Become a More Powerful Healer

Many of us in the healing field have tremendous insecurities about our healing abilities. We may doubt ourselves or our ability to heal ourselves and others. Perhaps due to our family or religious background, we may feel guilt or shame about it. We may feel we're not as sensitive / good / perfect / holy / peaceful / intuitive / powerful / advanced / educated / skilled enough. Sound familiar? If so, you probably have a healer's block. It may come from a past life or passed on through generational trauma. Are you ready to release energy preventing you from being the confident and powerful healer that I know you are? If so, I have created a mini-class, workbook, and meditation to help you release your blocks from past lives and your ancestors. It is super affordable right now - $22

Course curriculum

    1. Healing the Healer Workbook - Printable

    2. Healing the Healer Introduction

    3. Healing the Healer Meditation Experience

    4. Congrats! What's next? (Special Discount)

About this course

  • $22.00
  • 4 lessons
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