Learn the Sacred Art of Manifesting with Crystal Grids!

When sacred geometry and crystals combine, they create a powerful field of energy which can be used to amplify your intentions. In this Crystal Grids & Sacred Geometry course, we will take a deep dive into the mystical world of sacred geometry. You will learn how to harness this energy to manifest self-healing, creating love, abundance, confidence, and more in your life.

Fun & Easy-to-Follow Video Instructions

Lessons are taught in a variety of ways for all types of learners. Learn through video instruction, written steps (with slide notes you can download and print), and POV technique demonstrations.

Course Lessons

    1. How to navigate this online class.

    2. Welcome from Nicole

    3. Woo-woo Review (Optional)

    1. Crystal Grids Workbook

    2. Woo Woo Review Slide Notes

    3. Energy & Crystal Grid Slide Notes

    4. 4 Parts of a Crystal Grid Slide Notes

    5. Creating Your Grid Slide Notes

    1. What is a Crystal Grid?

    2. 3 Types of Grids

    3. How and Why do they Work?

    4. Rules of the Grid

    1. Sacred Geometry

    2. The Flower of Life

    3. Crystals

    4. Intention

    5. Activation

    1. How to Test the Energy

    2. Steps of Creation

    3. Let's Experiment

    4. Recipes

    1. That's a Wrap!

    2. Before you go...

About this course

  • $77.00
  • 23 lessons
  • 2 hours of video content

Includes Crystal Grid Workbook and Recipes

Use this printable workbook to create your own crystal grids for healing, manifestation, love, abundance and anything you want to create or expand in your life!

Learn how to Speak the Language of the Universe

(aka Sacred Geometry)

There is magic in sacred geometry. This class will teach you how powerful working with crystals and sacred geometry truly is. You will learn how sacred geometry, the building block of a crystal grid, decorates our entire universe, from tiny sea shells to snowflakes to human embryos and solar systems.

Course Includes:

Easy to follow lessons and basic techniques so you can start manifesting with crystal grids today!

  • Video Instructions - Complete at Your Own Pace

  • Crystal Grid Workbook and Slide Notes

  • Crystal Grid Recipes

  • Lifetime Access to Lessons

What Nicole's students have to say:

Sandy Leach- Owner of Source to Soul Reiki Usui Holy Fire®III Reiki Master Teacher Crystal Reiki Master Access Bars® Practitioner

"Nicole is perfect with this online presence. I enjoyed every class! She is incredibly knowledgeable and has done an amazing job laying this out thoroughly. It is neat, organized and easy to understand and follow. Thanks Nicole!! Well done!"

Donna Brase - Crystal Reiki 1 Graduate

"Nicole's passion and energy was felt during the training. I appreciate being able to complete it virtually. Nicole always asked for questions and /or comments. Her expertise and added content made this worth the time and the cost. Thank you Nicole! I'm looking forward to learning more from you."

Elizabeth Wilcox - Reiki Master and Crystal Reiki 1 Graduate

"I have taken many classes from Nicole and loved every one of them! I ALWAYS learned something that I did not know. It is always fun sharing things with the people in the class. She is ever so knowledgeable about crystals and rocks - you won't be bored!"

Theresa Ferree

"Nicole is a wonderful teacher very helpful always responds to emails. You can work as fast or slow as you like. It was great after explaining some thing that she actually did a demonstration and you could watch exactly how it is done."

Lisa Patterson - Owner of Trail to Serenity Massage and Bodywork

"I loved Nicole's online class. It's easy to navigate through the class format and great layout/videos. She answers any and all questions you may have. Nicole has a soft, gentle energy that is willing to help you succeed in your Crystal and Reiki education."

Kari Lichtenberg - Owner of Ankh & Alchemy

"Nicole is very knowledgeable about crystals and their properties. She is a patient instructor and very thorough including demos that helps me to learn and retain information. One of the things I most appreciate about Nicole's classes is the lifetime access for review and study."

Kara Baas - Usui Holy Fire Reiki Master and Crystal Reiki Master

"I adore Nicole!! Her teaching style is relaxed, yet she puts a lot of energy and preparation into her lessons. She is accessible and willing to answer any questions outside of the coursework. I appreciate how well put together her courses are."

Meet the Instructor

Founder and Instructor at Stone to Star Academy Nicole Brandt

Hey there! I’m Nicole and the founder of the Stone to Star Healing Academy. I love to throw in a mix of information with experimentation in my healing classes (who doesn’t love experimenting with crystals?), laughter, and spiritual transformation. I can be a bit of a goofball, but I'm very serious and passionate about teaching what I love (all things woo-woo ;) ) and helping my students grow into powerful and confident healers themselves. If you think we would be a good fit – I would love to help guide you on your holistic healing journey. Do you have any questions? Drop me an email. I'm happy to help.